Introducing Alternative, the community-powered search engine for software

Alternative becomes 100% autonomous

| Mathieu
cover : v3release

Hi everyone, I am introducing Alternative the community-powered search engine for software. In this post, I will show you a typical journey on Alternative and the new community tools to power Alternative database.

0. Alternative in a nutshell

Need a digital tool? Google it!?

That's where we start and where we often stop. But do the solutions offered by our search engine and those of the majors really suit us?

For some people, probably not, at least not for me. That's why I built a search engine specialized in digital tools. I called it Alternative.

Today it's much more than a search engine, it's also a comparator and a community space to read or post softwares reviews.

In this latest version, Alternative changes to be entirely powered by its community of users who discover and share their nuggets.

The service is totally free ↗.

Join us ! ↗

1. A journey on Alternative

Alternative assists you in selecting your future digital tool. The time of a hot drink you can find the nugget you were missing.

1.1. Start with a search

Back straight and well seated, start your trip with a search on ↗. Alternative can be added to your browser for a much better experience. 💪

Alternative in your navigator

From the service's website, the search is broader because it is possible to filter your needs by including and excluding functions or distribution languages.

Alternative proposes a ranking of tools by similarity. This calculation is based on the functions in common with your search. In the figure below, the results must have at least the three requested features. The first 5 results match 100% with the search.

Classic research

1.2. How to choose

1.2.1. Make a long list

The second step of the selection journey is to make a long list of 10 softwares. After a sip of your favorite drink, one piece of software catches your eye 👀. How do you find out more about it?

Two ways exist on Alternative. For the first way, click on a result and the software sheet appears.

Software card

For the second way, you must first connect to Alternative and then go to the comparator. The comparator allows you to add, modify and delete the results of the list proposed by Alternative. You can also instantly compare all the differences between the software of the list and the reference you have selected. While drinking your hot drink you can refine your selection. Once the long list is established, you now have to reduce the list by a more precise analysis of the elements to obtain a short list.

Spreadsheet view

1.2.2. Make a short list

Well seated and concentrated, you can now dig deeper into your analysis to end up with a list of 3 to 5 potential software.

To help you Alternative offers with its comparator, a column view that allows a comparison of all the data on the software. It is a practical and efficient view thanks to the highlighting of differences.

Column comparator

1.3. Make your choice

At this stage, in large digital companies, we call the specialist of the domain in question who will have an expert opinion on your pre-selection. He will help you finalize your choice.

For those who don't have thousands of dollars to afford Accenture or CGI services, the Alternative community is there to help you! Constructive community reviews are available for each software.

Review space for the community

It is also possible to see what the community is using as a software group. This format highlights good practices and best integrations. Called stacks, these software packages work well together and meet the needs of the person sharing them. Get inspired by what you already use!

Stacks example

The reviews and stacks should help you make your decision. Once you've made up your mind, take your last sip and enjoy! 😉

2. More efficient together

Now that you have finished your hot drink and selected your software, why not participate in Alternative?

Without community participation, Alternative would not exist. You can think of Alternative as a big Excel sheet structured and shared with the world in order to build the best software database. Fill in Alternative as you would fill in your Excel sheet and use it without moderation. Together we will be stronger and more efficient in finding the right tool.

In this new version, Alternative provides all database administration tools. You can modify and delete the information you have added. In order to save time, Alternative helps you to extract the data you want to add, through its robot. Alternative is also connected with Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia to facilitate the formatting of data.

Alternative becomes a powerful community tool for :

  • software comparison and selection
  • software market study
  • competitive intelligence

I hope to see you soon on Alternative 🚀. Sign up ! ↗

Mathieu, maintainer of Alternative

Propositions, questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form ↗ or by mail at