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With Alternative, keep your business on top of digital tools.

Alternative is a toolkit to help you select the software or online services best suited to your business.

Alternative offers you 6 advantages and services

That you will surely appreciate, gathered in a single easy-to-use resource.

  1. Save time in selecting solutions
  2. Optimize the relevance of your selection to your needs
  3. Discover the most appropriate digital solutions for your business
  4. Access directly to qualitative, structured and comparative data extracted by our robots
  5. Benefit from professionals community evaluations
  6. Alternative manages your quote requests

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Digital tools, our specialty

Alternative is specialized in the indexation of digital tools. By digital tools we mean all software solutions, applications and online services.

Alternative is a search engine complementary to generalist search engines such as Google.

In addition to the search, our goal is to provide the user with all the data and analysis tools necessary to select the right digital tool.

Our job is to bring order to the data

We rely on the double strength of the Alternative community and the indexing robots.


Digital tools are almost inevitable. It is around their use that the Alternative community gathers. You can find or post information about the best practices of using different digital solutions. Each member can evaluate the solutions and share their practical advice.

Digital tools have become essential and interconnected. It's not a single tool but a stack of tools you'll need to surpass your goals. On Alternative community members share the best digital tool stacks.

Indexing Robot

The indexing robot is an algorithm that analyzes the relevance of a website and then ranks it. Unlike general search engines, the Alternative robot is specialized in the recognition and ranking of digital tools. It allows the discovery and indexing of many solutions and completes the community evaluations.

2. Acknowledgements

The Alternative team thanks all the community members who participate and feed this project.

This service is available thanks to the huge opensource culture in IT. We are deeply grateful to all the great libraries that provide us strong fundations to work on : Nextjs, Nodejs, Express, React, Axios, Mongodb, Neo4j, Lucene, Primeface, Sass, Cherrio, Puppeteer, Gray-matter, Remark.

Illustrations and icons came from : Freepik, Icon8, IconMonstr, Unsplash, Pexel, Drawkit, Undraw, Wikipedia

Most of software and categories description came from : Wikipedia. They are refactored in french or in english when it is necessary.