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Alternative is a software search engine providing comparison tools and evaluations power by an engaged community to make your life easier with the right tool.

Compare and select the right digital tool

Features are free. Alternative lives thanks to you and its community

The community feeds the database and provides reviews. This data allows you to compare the software and make your selection.


Alternative offers 3 comparison modes

According to your criteria define a precise search and display the results in list, column or spreadsheet format.

Reviews and evaluations

Alternative users provide numerous evaluations

These reviews complete your comparison and refine your opinion. The community is made up of specialists who face the same issues as you. We bet that by sharing our experiences we will be stronger.


Compare, create and share your software stacks

Useful support to communicate easily with your collaborators, the stacks allow you to formalize your working environment, to facilitate onboarding, to make collective decisions and to find the best practices of the community.


Alternative allows you to become competitive again with business management and shadow IT

With a global vision of the software market you can finally work hand in hand with your company's businesses.


Alternative is 100% free

No hidden cost. The tool relies entirely on the community that takes care of it.